NextDoor Gay

Don’t you just love these nextdoor gay neighbors? We got two more in this latest scene and they did an amazing job fucking their next door neighbor. They entire community knew about their relationship and everyone was ok with it. Well, the guy living next door was a bit curious to find out how things go down between them and he got to find out the hard way. He paid them a visit and the guys were nice enough to show him exactly what goes down between them.

The guys knew that he was actually interested in guys but didn’t have to gut to come out of the closet in front of his neighbors. They couldn’t care about it and they showed their new friend a really good time and he really enjoyed sucking off their dicks and getting fucked and after a while doing both at the same time. You gotta see the older guy sucking dry his black neighbor’s dick while getting his ass hammered by the other one. It’s insane and you can see it in the next door studio scene below!

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