Double Gulps – Next Door Studio

The next door studio brought you another amazing scene, with two more hot guys blowing their hard dicks in front of the rolling cameras. The new guy just moved in and he found out that his landlord is living in the same neighborhood. He wanted to make a good first impression so he went over to his place to thank him again for the place and to assure him that everything is in order.

They only talked on the phone so he was a bit surprised to see someone so hot open the door. His landlord liked what he saw as well and invited his guy renter in to get to know him. The poor guy couldn’t stop staring at his landlord and he noticed that too, so he made is easier for both of them. They both wanted it so why be shy about it. The landlord was the first one to make a move and his new guy knew exactly what to do next. He unbuckled his pants and unzipped them and started sucking off his dick but not before he gave him a good look at his body while he took off his clothes. Enjoy!


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