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The Wait Is Over

Another fresh week and time yet once more to see new next door studios galleries with hot and horny gay men getting to fuck hard. This week we have two black studs getting to show off in it and you can tell that they waited for quite some time to get to bang. They didn’t get to see each other for a long time because of work and all you need to know about that is that these two fuck buddies don’t get to spend a whole lot of time together. But when they do, they go all out and what that results in….well that’s why you’re here at nextdoorstudios to see now aren’t you? Anyway, let’s see these two black studs fuck hard for you and the cameras today!


You know just how great all of the guys around here are and these two are no exception to our rule of bringing you the best of the best hot gay studs that fuck passionately. And we hope that throughout this whole time the site has become your number one go to source when you want to see hot gay action with superb looking muscular studs too. Well, either way we hope that you will enjoy seeing this pair getting it on for you and having their fun and we promise that there’s plenty of things to see in their gallery. On top of that, if you can’t wait for next week’s brand new scene, we recommend checking out the past updates as well for even more kinky stuff!

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Next Door Studios – Hard Muscles

Hey there guys and gals and welcome. You know what we deal in here at next door studios and you dropped in at just the right time to get to see another superb and kinky gay fuck with two amazing hunks and you will be blown away by them. As the title suggests, the two studs here are quite the muscular men that look drop dead gorgeous and you can bet that they know that fully well too. So on top of that, the scene is also an interracial fuck, as you can see the big and muscled black man use his big black cock to stretch out the ass of this white guy today. So once more let’s get those nextdoorstudios cameras rolling and let’s watch some nasty action!

They have a go at it in the living room and this pair here is one that also gets to flash their bodies for you before anything else. And we can pretty much guarantee to you that you will want to check out these two posing around for you and revealing every inch. As after that that slowly transitions into them kissing and the white guy making his way lower and lower towards that chocolate cock and then starting to suck and slurp on it to make sure that it’s nice and hard, after which, he also gets to bend over. Watch and enjoy the guy moaning in pleasure as he takes it doggie style for today and as per usual come back soon for more content!


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Taking Every Inch

Well here we are yet once more and with more of what you want to see. Which is next door studios studs that get to put their asses up for a good fucking from big cocks. And this one is pretty much just that as we want to introduce you to quite the slutty guy that likes nothing better to do in his spare time than take big cocks in the ass and enjoy every single second that he gets to have some man meat between his buns. So yeah, get yourself ready and watch a pretty amazing and sensual anal fuck with two next door studios studs getting naughty on camera for you. And as the title says, the main man himself gets to take every inch of that pole in his ass!


Well just taking it up the ass wasn’t the only thing that you get to see the guy do as the stud needs to get that bad boy nice and hard first. So watch him put those juicy lips to work as he gives the guy a sloppy blowjob getting him nice and ready for his ass in seconds. And after he helps the guy rubber up you can see him take his spot laying on his back in bed while the guy doing the fucking starts to slide his meat in that nice ass of his for this afternoon. Just watch closely as the guy moans in pleasure while he gets fucked missionary style and we’ll be seeing you again real soon with another new update!

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Next Door Studios – Erotic Art

Well here we are again and once again there’s a brand new and how next door studios scene that you can see this week and we bet you’ll find it quite amazing. As always there’s some pretty sexy guys getting to throw down for you and you can bet that you won’t want to miss out on the fun of this one for sure. The premise of this one is that this painter wanted to paint this other guy nude, but as one thing led to another….well you can see in the preview to what that lead to anyway. And it’s not like it’s a big mystery anywhere since we are where we are here at nextdoorstudios today. So anyway, let’s watch another passionate gay fuck today shall we?

So yeah, as we mentioned, the painter wanted to do some nudes today so he has the tattooed guy strip. The artist is quite good and it’s not the first time he got to see a naked man, nor the first time to get fucked by one either. And anyway, as soon as he saw the guy naked there was no way he could focus anyway, and there was also no way that he would not get a good banging up the ass from him either. So watch the two ending up fucking all over the artists’s studio this fine day here. We can promise you that you won’t be disappointed one bit with what goes down and you most definitely want to come back soon and check out the next scenes too!


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Straight Watchers

Another fresh week and as always time to see another brand new and quite kinky next door studios scene with another group of guys. Now there’s on less than last time but since you guys and gals adored seeing some kinky group action so much, we figured that a threesome would suit your tastes this afternoon for this week’s scene. So yeah, we have a self proclaimed straight guy getting double fucked by his fuck buddies today and we’ll see just how straight he is after a wonderful afternoon of gay sex at nextdoorstudios here today. Let’s take the time to watch his sweet ass getting fucked and his cock sucked throughout most of this.


We say to see how straight he is….well mostly because he seemed quite eager to get to play with the other guys from the start. And on top of that he’s quite the natural in front of the cameras as well. he lets the two undress him and put on display his sexy curves too and once that’s done, the bearded guy goes right in his ass with his thick cock starting to fuck him balls deep as he rides on top of him cowboy style today. While that gets done, the other stud gets around to suck the cock of our “straight” guy with a passion making him feel even better than before and you can bet that the guy enjoyed getting double pleased from both ends for this week’s naughty show! Bye bye!

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Next Door Studios – Cuddle Puddle

Welcome yet again to this week’s lovely and kinky next door studios update with a whole bunch of images that are here to impress in this very very comprehensive gallery. And as you can see we don’t just have one or two guys. There’s no less than four guys having a hot foursome and fucking each other all throughout just for you to see and enjoy. Well they enjoyed it too of course, but anyway, you just have to see this one unfold if you’re a fan of group sex scenes. So with that in mind let’s go ahead and check out this simply stunning nextdoorstudios show with the four studs and see them taking their time to pound one another in the ass for the whole show!

They of course get to play on the floor in the living room as there was no bed big enough for the four of them to fit onto and then get nasty. As per usual, clothes fly off pretty fast revealing some incredible bodies for you all to check out naturally, and the guys take great care to let you see their nude curves displayed from every single angle too. So after they were done teasing with every inch of their hot bodies, you can see them taking their time to take turns and do the nasty on each other’s asses. See them fucking bareback nice and hard just for you and enjoy the view. We’ll return soon enough with many more new and juicy scene for you to see!


Watch here these jocks hammering one another!

Raking In The Dough

Welcome back to today’s next door studios scene with some more amazingly sexy studs and their sexual adventures together. This week we wanted to show off just how passionate some guys can get when they wanted to have some naughty and kinky fun for you all and the cameras and what came out of it is one superbly hot show with two guys that like to get down and dirty in very very kinky ways. So yeah, all of it was caught on camera for you to see and there’s nothing less than pure and amazing sex to behold for this amazingly juicy next door studios scene today. let’s get those cameras going and see the two engage in doing the naughty today!


The two jocks make their entry at the start of the scene and they know that they have your undivided attention as soon as they begin to take off those clothes. They put on display their muscular bodies and you can see them from every angle more or less as they get around to slowly make their way towards the bed where they plan to play some more and begin their fuck fest by sucking each other off and getting those meat poles standing at attention. Once that is done, you can see them taking their sweet time to hammer one another deep in the ass and moaning in pleasure while they do it. We hope you will enjoy it and we’ll see you soon with much more.

Enjoy watching these jocks hammering one another’s ass!

Next Door Studios – Cheaters Karma

Hey there again and welcome back to a brand new next door studios scene with some more all new gay studs getting to put on a great show for you all to see and enjoy the amazing sex that they get to have. Well the title says a lot about what’s going down in this one and what you need to know is that the guy that gets to take it in the ass kinda, maybe, sort of cheated a bit on his boyfriend with another stud. But as you will see it’s just to make him jealous as all he did was flirt with the guy to make his man fuck him nice and hard later the same day. So let’s see the nextdoorstudios show unfold with the two of them as they get to fuck passionately here today!

Their little action scene takes place in the living room on their nice and big gray couch and you can be sure that they ended up putting it to some tremendously amazing use for you all to check out today too. Just sit back and watch them getting naked really fast and as the blonde guy with longer hair gets all nude, the other guy lays him on his back more or less in a upside down position to fuck him nice and deep. He needs to punish that nice and tight sexy ass with his thick cock and you are about to see it all go down here today with the two of them. Just enjoy the missionary sex that they get to engage in and have fun with the scene. We’ll see you again next week with more!


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Next Door Studios – The Dirty Step Brother

Hey there guys and welcome back to another new next door studios scene with some more hot guys getting kinky as per usual right in front of the cameras and you all as well. And as you can see, there’s no less than three of these glorious bastards getting to be naughty for your viewing pleasure here. Just take your time to see them getting very very kinky with one another and you can rest assured that you are in for a pretty amazing threesome. And of course one dude would get to be the center of attention both figuratively and literally in this nextdoorstudios scene. So yeah, let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s watch some superb fucking today!


The guy in the middle that we mentioned, gets to be the blonde dude with the buzz cut, and to kick things off after they undress to be a tease, you can see him grabbing a hold of those two cocks and starting to work them nicely. His handjob is just amazing and makes the guys rock hard in an instant, and after his hands, he gets to put his lips to work as well sucking those cocks in a double blowjob session. And to reward that skill, the other two guys get to fuck him in the ass and mouth for the rest of this amazing scene here today. And they do switch places between the two of them too of course. So have fun and see you next week as always with more!

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How Secure Are You

Next door studios is back again with some more truly amazing and hot scenes to behold and we have quite the treats for you as per usual to check out. We know how much you like seeing hot gay studs playing with one another in kinky ways and there are plenty of images in this update for you to check out some truly wonderful and sexy scenes with two very very amazing studs without delay. So strap in and get ready to see a nice and hard style fuck with some pretty hot dudes in this next door studios scene here today. We can definitely promise you that their naughty and kinky sex session is one to definitely remember forever. So anyway, let’s get it on!

They get to use the bed for this one and you can see that they are all eager to get to put it to some good use without delay too. The studs make sure to undress and put those sexy bodies on display for you all and once they are done with that, the guy that gets to be the sub gets to suck the other’s meat pole with a passion. And after they get to have the cock rock hard for their sexy ass, you can check the two guys out wrapping things up with a nice and sexy missionary style ass plowing for the rest of this scene. It’s amazing to check out we’re sure and we’re also sure that you will have lots of fun with it today. We’ll be back again next week with more for you!


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